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Medicines Development In Alzheimer´s disease special e-text released

The first in a series of e-texts on development of medicines in special areas has been released: Medicines Development in Alzheimer´s disease. Written by Dr Julian Gray who had worked in this field for thirty years, the text covers the following areas:

The sections are as follows:

1.  Foreword 
2.  Introduction
3.  Brain Basics
4.  Pathophysiology
5.  Symptoms
6.  Diagnostic criteria and tests
7.  Current treatments
8.  Symptomatic vs disease modifying approaches
9.  RegulatoryGuidelines
10. Clinical Trial Design and Phases
11. Endpoints: clinical
12. Endpoints: biochemical
13. Endpoints:neuroimaging, other
14. Key trial methodology issues
15. Prevention studies
16. Combination studies

The e-text will be useful to anyone needing a concise summary about  Alzheimer's disease medicines development methodology. Background information on the condition itself is included to the extent needed for understanding the development aspects. Finally a short chapter on the basics of brain function has also been included for those new to this area.